For many years, we have been dreaming of creating the widest plastic rug in the world, weaved in a shuttle loom. Finally, we are proud to present our biggest launch, since we introduced the modern plastic rug over 20 years ago. 2020 marks the year when our skilled craftsmen have been able to realize our dream by building a wide loom by hand and totally from scratch. A unique machine made by us.

With these wide rugs, we introduce ourselves into a broader perspective. Both to the larger room in your home and to the public space. Available in 6 designs* and 70 different colour options. Our rugs can be used everywhere!

Our vision has always been clear – to be a groundbreaking pioneer in our sector. Today we are a global brand and yet we still make our rugs at our small local weavery in the little village of Leksand, right in the heart of Sweden.